Cancer Pain

Not only do we treat patients that suffer from chronic
pain due to accidents or from everyday wear and tear,
our doctors offer treatment for patients with
pain resulting from cancer.

Migraine Attacks

Migraines can be a debilitating part of everyday life.
Our clinics offer several different types of treatment
including nerve blocks and medicines.

Patient Care

From the front desk to checkout,
our offices treat patients with the respect
and equality they deserve and expect.


Interventional procedures will directly target
your specific site of pain using imaging instead
of blanketing your problems with prescriptions.

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    Welcome to Kentucky Pain Physicians, the Eastern Kentucky branch of National Pain Care. With locations in Pikeville, Hazard, and Prestonsberg and serving the Pike, Floyd, and Perry County areas, you no longer have to travel far to receive effective and courteous treatment for your chronic pain. If you are experiencing joint, muscle, or lower back pain, know that you don’t have to live with it on your own. In fact, with the right care and a specialist to determine its true cause, you may find yourself living pain free sooner than you think. This is where we come in, bringing cutting-edge technology, the best staff, and the best physicians from an array of fields, all specially trained to get you back to living your life without pain.

  • To learn more or to make an appointment at any of our Eastern Kentucky locations, call 606-874-0032.